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Argex expanded clay

Argex expanded clay is born in the fire. The natural clay is kneaded, fired in a rotary kiln at a temperature of 1100° C and formed into round expanded clay balls. The environmentally friendly beads are real all-rounders: they are very light, but due to their round shape very stable. That is why they easily withstand high pressure in earthworks. They insulate heat and sound and also store heat. As green roofs, for example, they protect the roof waterproofing from heat, cold and UV rays, while providing moisture control and good ventilation.

In addition, Argex expanded clay is fire resistant and has the highest fire class A1. Frost-resistant and rodent-proof, breathable and chemically neutral, the balls are easy to work with and provide valuable services in countless applications. Among lightweight building materials, expanded clay is the most popular.

With many years of experience on the (inter)national market, Argex presents itself as a dynamic and flexible company. From its headquarters in Burcht/Zwijndrecht, near Antwerp in Belgium, Argex distributes its expanded clay granules on the national and international market. As a producer and distributor of lightweight aggregates, Argex stands out for thinking together with its customers by offering unique solutions for construction and infrastructure works. Argex expanded clay: small in size, big in performance and implementations.

Available sizes in mm (kg/m3)

Round: AR 0-2 (800), AR 0-4 (650), AR 0-4 (700), AR 1-5 (580), AR 2-6 (500), AR 3-8 (500), AR 4-10 (430), AR 4-12 (380), AR 8-16 (340)
Crushed: AG 0-2 (580), AG 0-4 (500), AG 1-5 (390), AG 4-8 (370)

Please send inquiries to info@sagas.com.pl and provide as much information as possible, such as quantity, application and desired delivery time.


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